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Internet access services

Today millions of people around the world use the Internet as a means of global communication and a source of diverse information for business and everyday life.

ASTEL offers Internet access services via a dedicated line, excluding traffic.
For our Clients such as public authorities and clients classified as “telecommunications operators”, we provide a connection to the Internet through Unified Access Gateway to public networks.

In addition, we offer the essential tools and services for work in the Internet:

  • Domain registration and support;
  • Maintenance of a database of domain names DNS;
  • Registration and support of IP addresses with class C;
  • Service “Business Internet”, providing comprehensive security of information in client’s corporate networks from all types of threats coming from the public Internet;
  • Installation of access points Wi-Fi, LAN-switches.

Internet access from ASTEL is distinguished by high speed and stability; ASTEL guarantees uninterrupted connection to the Internet. We do not connect our Clients to generally accessible ports!

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