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Command-and-staff vehicle

Command-and-staff vehicle

Command-and-staff vehicle


Command-and-staff vehicle (CSV) is the integration solution for defence and law enforcement agencies which offered by ASTEL.
CPV is designed to provide units and formations of the armed forces and other security agencies with communication and control.

CSV features:

  • Prompt moving out to the deployment location;
  • Provision of command staff with all forms of communication;
  • Voice and data networking in the field;
  • Provision of interaction with other organizations and agencies.


  1. Organization of LAN and workstations for operation of operational staff officers and crewman;
  2. Automation of processing, transmission, display and storage of information;
  3. Formation of duplex and simplex radio and data channels in the VHF and HF bands on-the-move, at stops and parking;
  4. Provision of service radio communication of facilities;
  5. Organization of wired intra-facility network in modes of circular and selective communication with access to radio channels;
  6. Autonomous intra-faculty test and diagnostics;
  7. Automatic determination of the coordinates of its location;
  8. Scrambling of voice and data during transmission over wired and radio channels;
  9. Snap to communication centre and control points;
  10. Continuous round-the-clock operation.

ASTEL assemblies CSV based on various types of vehicles, depending on the capacity of equipment being placed inside and requirements to the rolling characteristics. CSV can be implemented on the basis of Niva, UAZ, KAMAZ, URAL.

CSV kitting-up is particular for each Client.

The complex includes:

  • Satellite data transmission system;
  • HF, VHF equipment and TRI-TAC equipment;
  • Switching system (Automatic Exchange or gateway);
  • Data transmission node equipment;
  • Video and visual data processing equipment;
  • Equipment of supply and life support;
  • Other equipment and systems.

Please contact the manager of ASTEL Company by phone +7 (727) 312-00-02 in Almaty, or call the regional offices listed on the Contact page in order to get a detailed description of services, commercial offer and additional information about the service.

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Command-and-staff vehicle

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