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26 июнь 2015

Constant advertising monitoring, TV Monitoring Pro

The Service of Constant advertising monitoring, TV Monitoring Pro, allows advertisers and advertising agencies performing audit of own advertising placements on TV, and also conducting monitoring of TV-advertising of any interesting brands and directions.

The need of independent audit of advertising broadcastings is caused by existence of violations of TV-advertising placement according to control measurements in the cities of Kazakhstan (transfer to off-prime and other time shifts, no show, technical failures). Besides, Comexp monitoring allows quickly tracing advertising activities of any third-party brands and companies to use data on the market when planning promotion on TV.

Possibilities of the Service of Constant advertising monitoring for clients:

  • Reports of analysts on TV-advertising of any brands, goods and advertisers.
  • Data in excel for independent reports drawing up.
  • Access to the web interface for reports on own placements and comparisons with the media plan.
  • Access to a video archive (depth of 150 days).
  • Operational notices – a new creative of the competitor, the service "not that clip on air", etc.
  • The personal manager for consultations and analytics on demand.


Directions of monitoring





Assessment of volume and coverage of each brand

Hit into media plan/prime

Channels and cities of placements


Description of a creative of competitors

Audit of reports of media partner

Cuts on categories of goods/services


The aggregated statistics on TV-advertising

Principle of monitoring


The record and digitization of TV signal is conducted from any source (air, cable, satellite) within the system of Constant advertising monitoring in the cities of monitoring. Now the panel of monitoring of Comexp covers 900 channels in more than 160 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan.


TAPe-technology of recognition of images on the basis of the mechanism of "digital prints" which is developed and patented by Camexp, partner of ASTEL - is a basis of the system of Constant advertising monitoring. The technology allows identifying images and conducting search inside a big scale of video with the maximum speed and accuracy. The continuous updating of base and comparison of prints take place in the automated online mode with additional control at the level of the operator service.


The customer of the service doesn't need to provide samples of video clips, it is necessary to choose the interesting monitoring parameters only: type of goods and services or brands and advertisers.




Users of the service of Constant advertising monitoring get access to data on advertising campaign on TV of any brand / goods / advertiser in any interesting section.


Parameters of Constant advertising monitoring:

  • The main brand, mentioned brands, advertiser
  • Name and category of goods or service
  • Advertising format: advertising clip, reporting, sponsorship, tele newspaper, social, political advertising
  • Additional characteristics: keywords, slogans, plots, audience
  • Broadcasting type: network, regional, local, orbital
  • Broadcasting parameters: prime / off-prime, number in the block, language, integrity
  • TV channels of placement
  • Cities / regions of placement
  • Period, broadcasting time, date, day of the week, etc.

Options of providing data on the basis of Customer's needs:

  1. Prepared reports of analysts on the chosen categories:
       1. own advertising broadcasting
       2. comparison with the media plan/report for control
       3. cuts of placements on third-party advertisers.
  2. Unloading of data in excel for independent preparation of reports by the customer.
  3. Access to interesting video records in the archive of 150 days in depth.
  4. Access to the web interface for formation of reports on own placements and comparisons with the media plan.

Advantages of the service of Constant advertising monitoring

  • The large panel of monitoring of TV – more than 160 cities in Russia and Kazakhstan, more than 900 channels (air, cable, satellite), unique data on placement of TV-advertising in regions.
  • The maximum reliability and accuracy of the automated monitoring on the basis of the patented TAPe-technology with possibility of viewing of video confirmations (depth of archive of 150 days).
  • Efficiency of providing data from the moment of broadcast, service of the instant notice of the interesting events on TV.
  • Evident reports of monitoring of own advertising in comparison with the media plan and campaigns of competitors with detailed criteria of classification of advertising broadcasting.
  • Fast and economic start of service of monitoring in due time of 1 month in any new city at the request of the customer.
  • The confirmed experience of successful projects of TV-monitoring for the leading advertisers and TV channels since 2008.
  • Possibility of free test monitoring in the limited parameters chosen by the customer.
  • The personal manager for selection of parameters of monitoring and preparation of reports on demand of the advertiser.
  • Flexible and attractive pricing – the payment only for options interesting to the customer and scales of monitoring.

If you want to get additional information on the detailed description of the service, commercial offer or additional information on the serviceplease contact Manager of ASTEL by phone +7 (727) 312-00-02 or by phones of regional representations which are specified on the page “Contacts”.